Breaking Bad:
Chemistry teacher by day, meth cook by night. Seasons 1-5 are currently available on Netflix. Check out the trailer! 
Luke Cage
A seasoned Marvel character rebirthed with a new twist. 
Season 1 is available on Netflix now. Check out the trailer!
Once Upon A Time
All of your favorite childhood fairy-tale characters mixed into one rollercoaster of a show. Seasons 1-5 are available on Netflix. Check out the trailer!
Jane The Virgin 
you find out you're pregnant with a man's child that you've never had sex with, and you've never had sex with anyone, ever. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix now. Check out the trailer!
Daddy's Little Girls
The story of a man who persevered through every twist and turn life threw at him in order to get his girls. True love. Definitely check this movie out on Netflix now!
Sausage Party 
This hilarious depiction of the life of our food is worth every minute of watching. There are some pretty explicit scenes in the movie and some vulgar language, so watch at your own discretion! On Netflix now!  
Grace & Frankie
Your husband and his business partner have been close for years... too close. Then you find out he's leaving you... for him. Season 1 is available on Netflix now! Check out the trailer! 
Mom left, Dad is an alcoholic, the eldest sister plays "mom", but everybody pitches in to keep the house and their lives afloat. This show takes you on the rollercoaster that is The Gallaghers. Check it out!
Chewing Gum 
A ridiculously original and comical outlook on life as a very awkward mid-20 year old who wants to "grow up" by experiencing everything life has to offer. There are some vulgar scenes and explicit content, so view at your own discretion!
Plastic Cup Boyz 
Describing this stand-up as hilarious is an understatement. Kevin Hart brings us The Plastic Cup Boyz to showcase the comedic minds behind helping him get to where he is in his career today. If you need a laugh, press PLAY!